Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Flat Peaches

Has anyone seen these flat peaches?  They're all the rage apparently!  I'm lucky enough to live 100 yards from Green Lanes in North London, which has a swath of Turkish food markets staying open all hours and supplying lots of lovely and ripe fruit.  Supermarkets 'perfectly ripe fruit' aren't at all and their fruit 'for ripening at home' often never does.  Peaches are wonderful and sexy things but they are often hard or a bit lacking in flavour and can be very disappointing.  These ones I bought yesterday though are terrific; perfectly ripe with a slightly firm yet very juicy flesh and bursting with flavour.  Apparently they originally hail from China, but relatively recently made it into Europe's orchards and are now swarming all over France.  They are known as the flat peach, the Paraguayos, the Saturn Peach or the Donut Peach.  Go find one!


  1. Thanks very much. Pass on the word!

  2. Hugo, given that at the time I write this yours is the only posted comment, am I right in thinking you are thanking yourself for a piece written by you own hand, on your own blog? (Or did you manage to delete the original compliment?)

  3. There was a comment from someone there Alex, which I replied to but the original comment turned out to be spam and was removed. Indeed that makes my counter-comment appear somewhat bizarre!