Monday, 31 January 2011

Krutzler Blaufrankisch 2007

Blaufränkisch anyone?  Yes please I say; it's yet another interesting grape variety offering an alternative tipple to the usual suspects.  It's indigenous to Austria and rarely ventures abroad; making fresh, fruity, slighly spicy wines in its homeland that aren't generally for long ageing but are often scrumptious.

The one I had the other day was a 2007 from the producer Krutzler and was right on the money (which was about a tenner from the Wine Society).  Served on the cool side for a red (straight from the cellar) it was very moreish with a pizza, showing crisp acidity, bright fruit flavours and a lovely light spicy lift.  It was a good example of some of the really interesting vinous things going on in Austria these days.  This one is no longer available but I'd recommend seeing if you can find another Blaufränkisch at your local merchant and giving it a go.

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