Sunday, 6 February 2011

Wine Appreciation Courses

As you may have seen from a few of the recent posts, as well as wine writing I also run a wine appreciation course and host wine events.  The most recent course I've been running looks at the classic wine regions of France, comparing wines from each region with examples made from the same varieties but from around the world.

The course is split into six sessions, each one covering either white or red wines from one regions.  More info on the course can be found here.

Testimonials of the course are found in the comments below...


  1. Very sad that our wine tasting course is coming to an end! Would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys wine, whether you know a lot or a little, it's such fun and certainly void of any wine snobbery! Plus the snacks are great.

  2. An enjoyable course with a good range of wines. Hugo Read certainly knows his stuff and shows his passion and enthusiasm for wine at all levels. Highly recommended.

  3. Absolutely loved it - I learnt a lot, both about the wines themselves and their regions and the way they are grown and produced. Six high quality yet affordable wines per week, a lot of which were just sublime (and information as to how to lay your hands on more of the same - i shall certainly be doing this!), excellent notes to refer back to in the future and all delivered in a professional yet amiable style by Hugo, who really knows his stuff. Oh, and i agree with Aisling - great snacks too!
    I look forward to future courses!

  4. Going into this course as a complete beginner I really enjoyed the pace of the course which gave a load of information without bogging down with the minute details which can be overwhelming. The informality of the set up coupled with the obvious professionalism and knowledge that Hugo displays is another great selling point of the course.

    Can only agree about the snacks and wine selection. Lovely people with lovely food and lovely wine. Prefect start to the week.

  5. I thoroughly recommend this course to both wine connoisseurs and novices alike. I was definitely a novice myself at the beginning of the course, and I loved learning about and tasting the lovely wines every Tuesday evening. Hugo is incredibly knowledgeable, whilst being very patient in explaining things to those of us with less tasting experience... I have learnt:
    A) to slow down my drinking;
    b) pay much more attention to what I am drinking, and
    c) now feel much more confident in choosing a mid-range bottle of wine from the supermarket to go with my dinner.
    I miss the course now it’s finished! Look forward to future courses.

  6. I've just had a quick stroll around your reserve and I like it a lot. I can see I will have to return when I have more time.