Thursday, 7 April 2011

Genesis Wines Trade Tasting

Recently I went to the trade tasting for Genesis Wines at the Century Club in Soho.  There were 113 wines set out by region, with with just over half from France.  As well as the classic regions, there were also lots of interesting offerings from better value regions in France, like the South-West and the Languedoc.

There were lots of stand out wines, but I'll just focus on a few that caught my attention...

Starting with the whites, we kicked off with a Muscadet, which comes from the mouth of the Loire on the Atlantic coast of France (as you can see from my rather fetching hand-drawn map).  The name of the wine simply reflects the grape variety it's made from (the variety was originally called Melon de Bourgogne, referring to its roots, but nowadays it's more often referred to simply as Muscadet).  It's quite a light wine (normally just 12%) that should show crisp acidity, simple freshness and a taste of the sea.  A good example is one the great seafood wines of the world - indeed when having a plate of oysters for lunch, Muscadet challenges Chablis and Champagne for the title of best partner.

The top Muscadet usually comes from

Monday, 4 April 2011

Another 15p a Bottle - Time to Trade Up

Last week's budget announced that duty on wine will continue to rise at the 'escalator' rate established by the last government of 2% above the rate of inflation until 2015.  With the retail price index (RPI) currently at 5.5%, that means a whopping 7.5% hike, increasing the duty by 15p a bottle (including VAT) from £2.03 a bottle to £2.18.

This 15p hike follows in the footsteps of similarly large rises each year since 2007, which have taken the duty per bottle from